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The start of something big!

Wow our first blog entry! I am so excited!

Hi everyone! My name is Lars and I have the honor of composing our first blog entry ever! So, let me tell you a little about myself, my team, the idea behind theglobeonabudget & what you can expect from this blog.

“theglobeonabudget” is born

Here we go. I am a 24 year old travel enthusiast who came up with the idea of forming this travel collective. During my master studies in “Entrepreneurship” in Sweden I thought a lot about what I would like to do with my life – about what my true passion is & what I would really, really love to do. The first thing that came to mind was, of course, traveling as such. However, I also discovered how much I enjoy telling people about my travels & listening to their stories. Exchanging experiences with other backpackers at hostels,  with exchange students whom I meet on a daily basis or simply  anyone else, is what really excites me. Furthermore, I figured that by now I have gathered quite some experience & knowledge about various places on this beautiful planet we call earth. I thus decided to give some tips to fellow travelers, such as you. Finally, it came to my mind that I have a couple of friends who also love nothing more than traveling & who also have seen their share of the globe already. Hence, I decided to build a team. The more insights & opinions, the better. Right?

So, this blog came out as a result of all these thoughts. I started carefully with a few pictures from my past travels on @theglobeonabudget on Instagram & added some tips I considered helpful. After that I approached some friends of mine to pitch the idea to them & to ask if they would like to join the team. Well, they did.

The Team

My fellow bloggers are Frederik – whom I have studied International Business and Management in the Netherlands with – and Marius a good friend and passionate globetrotter. All of us have developed our passion for traveling in the recent years, through semesters or internships abroad. We had a taste of seeing the world & now can’t stop.

Frederik has lived in Kansas for quite some time. He enjoys typical road-trips through the States & is a fan of the American lifestyle. He further studied in Bali for a semester and lived & worked in Bali for a couple of months. Right now he studies his masters in “Globalization, Brands and Consumption” at Lund University in Sweden.

Marius discovered the beauty of travel during his internship in Auckland, New Zealand. Against all odds he discovered a new love for hiking in NZ. This new desire drove him to explore the Serra de Tramuntana, on the island of Mallorca, towards the end of last year. He genuinely enjoys meeting locals & discovering their culture as well as their day-to-day life.

We are planning to get a couple more members on bord in the near future. All of us will be traveling with companions most of the time, whom we will of course also introduce to you. Also, we are planning on meeting each other in different parts of the world at one point. You can read up on more about the team in the respective section of our website.

The Future in a nutshell

Our main focus will lay on YOU, our friends, followers & partners in crime. We want to design this blog as interactive as possible & create a new experience for everyone. This is why we are looking forward to your comments, your thoughts, your suggestions, your own experiences & your opinion on everything we do. We will try to upload live material on our theglobeonabudget Facebook channel whenever possible. We will serve you with exclusive YouTube content in addition to the pictures you will see in the blog, in order to provide you with a 360° experience & let you see what we see & feel what we feel. On another note, we will publish exclusive content from other bloggers, casual & frequent travelers or friends & followers of the page, who would like to share some of their experience on So if you are keen on becoming active just contact us under!

Last but not least, we will of course try to provide you with as many helpful budget-tips & travel recommendations as possible. However, we also want to make it entertaining for you! We will try to find an attractive balance & thus rely on your feedback to do so!

First last words…

So, as you can see we have a bright future ahead of us. If you like our plans & our approach or would like to contribute something, let us know in the comment section or via email.

Let me finish with saying that I am really grateful for each & everyone of you reading this. I cannot stress enough how much this experience rely’s on your input just as much as on our output. So, let us change the world of travel-blogging & create the most amazing common experience TOGETHER!

If you liked our first blog entry, please leave a comment.

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If you have any suggestions for us, please leave a comment.

If there is anything you would like us to elaborate upon from our previous Instagram posts from @theglobeonabudget, please leave a comment.

Or if you just like to chat about traveling, please leave a comment.

I am looking forward to hearing from you & to an exciting time with THEGLOBEONABUDGET!





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2 thoughts on “The start of something big!”

  1. Hi Lars,
    First of all I think thats a wondeful idea.
    I love travelling a lot since I cant afford too much I would really appreaciate if you could expand the “on a budget” part.
    I guess meeting you in a place far away would be a great thing to fulfill in future.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Best regards

    1. Hello Stefano,
      thanks for leaving a comment! I am glad you like our idea. As we are students ourselves, we are always comparing prices and thinking twice on what to spend money on. Of course, we all know that traveling is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer. Nonetheless, why not save a little money while at it?
      So, we are trying to find bargains that are worth their money. For example, finding the best hostels to affordable prices or finding free alternatives to overpriced tourist attractions. In some cases we will try to keep you updated on current offers such as cheap flights, accommodation, attractions and so forth.

      I hope I was able to answer your question.


      Ps.: Never stop exploring the globe 🙂

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