Tarifa, Spain

The video below is a quick-time recap of an amazing week in Tarifa. The small municipality in the south of Spain increases its population by a factor of 5-6 every summer. Most locals make their living based of tourists and kite surfers. Tarifa is known for its beautiful beaches, stable great weather and strong winds.



When Lars was there in the beginning of August most of his days were shaped by the tranquil Spanish lifestyle. The day rarely started before 11am, continued with a late breakfast, followed by a late lunch and a beach visit or a nice siesta. The long, white beaches are flooded with tourists – mainly from Italy & Spain – in the summertime. Due to this accommodation prices are outrageous between June & September. Our budget traveler had the luck to stay with a friend, whom could easily rent out his flat for more than 1,000€ per week. The cost of living on the other hand is decent. Fresh food & cold drinks will not cost you more than 10-15€ per day. Below Lars made a list of Top 10 things to do in Tarifa, if you find a place to stay.

No 1:

Buy fresh Oranges (~65cts p. kg) and have fresh orange juice everyday! Also shop locally at supermarkets and prepare your own Tapas or other local dishes, like Paella, to save money.

No 2:

Have the best Mojito ever at the “Bar Taco Way”! During Happy Hours their own delicious version of combining of fresh mint, brown sugar, lime, slushed ice & white rum will cost you 3€. If you give those guys a tip, the whole crew has a really funny way to express their happiness.

Best Mojito Ever
Best Mojito Ever

No 3:

Go Kite surfing! If you have the time & money you can learn how to do it in one of the plenty Kite surfing schools in Tarifa. If you do not, just relax at the beach, grab a cold one and watch the others. It can be really fascinating.

No 4:

Share a perfectly spiced chicken at “El Palmar”, a restaurant not far from the beach in the town with the same name (one hour north of Tarifa).

Pollo Asado in El Palmar
Pollo Asado in El Palmar

The top selling whole Chicken “Pollo Asado” will cost you 11€ and will leave a great impression. However, I recommend that you reserve a table (and a dish) before hanging out at the beach, as the place is packed during lunch & dinner hours. Also do not sleep on their homemade deserts.

No 5:

Carpe Noctem – go out at night. Tarifa is a party town, so go roam the little alleyways of the town, together with thousands of other toursits & locals and enjoy Tarifa’s one of a kind nightlife.

Tarifa at night
Tarifa at night

A nice club to start with is “La Teteria de Tarifa”. It is a cozy bar with outdoor gardens to relax in and enjoy a cold drink or a waterpipe. Between 2am-3am a lot of locals prefer to go to “La Ruina” & dance to some electronical music. Afterwards locals recommend to go to “Cafe del Mar”, a club on the edge of town that opens its doors until 8am.

No 6:

Find a person with a boat and enjoy a day in the Bay of Gibraltar. The turquoise water is very clean & clear and has a perfect swimming and diving temperature.

No 7:


Lay at the beach at night and enjoy the beautiful stars. Due to the strong winds in southern Spain (“Lavante”) clouds are generally passing quickly and you will have lots of crystal clear night skies. Maybe you want to add a round of skinny-dipping as well ;).

No 8:

Take the ferry to Tangier, Morocco. The ferry ride will take 35 minutes and costs 65€ in total for both ways. You can have a little peek into the culture of the North African country. For a better understanding of the life in Morocco you can consider reading my next blog entry and spending several days there and driving further inland.

No 9:

Talk to the locals. The best way to understand the Andalusian mentality is talking to the locals and doing what they do. Not many of them are fluent in English though, so you might want to freshen up your Spanish skills.

No 10:

Andalusian Sunset
Andalusian Sunset

Watch a sunset at Waikiki Beach Club! This is the top of the crop. We went there every night to see the sun go down around 21:30 and leave us with a burning sky. People generally applaud the sun every night, as can be seen in this Facebook live video I have taken. I can also recommend enjoying the delicious Waikiki cocktail while watching the dusk. It is similar to a Pina Colada and specializes in turning 6€ from your pocket into a taste explosion in your mouth and a feeling of shear happiness in your tummy.

Total budget spent by Lars (incl. Flights):

313€ in 8 days.

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