Ben lomond, Queenstown, New Zealand


Hi everyone, my name is Pia and I’m glad to be a part of this team! I’m 24 years old (turning 25 soon…) and living in Germany, precisely in a small village called Steinhausen which is located between Neuss and Mönchengladbach, where my teammate Lars is coming from and where my boyfriend Marius – also part of the team, as you might know 😉 – is living. It was Marius who asked me whether I was interested in joining this travel blog. He knows my sore point…so he knew I would say yes! As traveling has been a part of my entire life and photographing is one of my passions that emerged during the last years, especially while staying abroad, I’m excited and curious about sharing all of my impressions with you in this blog.

As most of my team members and probably many of you guys, I was blessed with parents who like traveling and getting in touch with other countriescultures. So for me as well, this was the start of my passion for traveling. There is one place in the South of Spain – at the Costa del Sol – where we spent our holidays eight or nine times. We just loved the non-touristic atmosphere in the small town called Nerja where the traditional Spanish way of living is still conserved, even though more and more tourists found their way to the beautiful village. Thus, I’m always feeling bad staying in a too touristy spot on earth – it’s just wasted time!

After my graduation from school, me and my best friend worked as volunteers in a Kindergarten in Ghana. This was the first time that I went abroad for a couple of months – and probably the most intense experience in my travel history. The interactions with the African culture definitely shaped who I am today. During my Bachelor of Media and Culture which I studied in Düsseldorf I seized the opportunity of doing an internship in Vancouver, Canada, for three months. Being the only foreign intern was the best thing that could happen to me – I really experienced laid-back Vancouver from the local point of view! After I finished my Bachelor’s degree in September 2014, I accompanied Marius on his trip to New Zealand where he did an internship. Finally, Marius and me could travel together – apart from going on “normal” vacations and city trips. For our first big journey we definitely chose one of the most impressive countries in the world. I couldn’t stop taking photos, it’s a photographer’s paradise! At the moment Marius and me are planning our next trip: we want to explore parts of Thailand and Bali in September/October this year. I’m really excited to take you to those places with us, I just can’t wait!

As I’m thinking of all these past travels many more situations are coming to my mind – I’m really keen on sharing these experiences and feelings with all of you! But at this point, I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys. So, what’s important to know about me besides from the passion for traveling that we all share? As you might have recognized, one of my hobbies is photographing but apart from that I also like doing sports, organising thingsdancing wherever I am :).