Marius in Serra de Tramuntana, close to Valdemossa


Hey there! My name is Marius. I am a 26 year-old mechatronical-engineering student. Together with my 24 year-old girlfriend Pia I share an enormous passion for traveling. Pia is studying European Culture and Economics in Germany. We have been in a relationship for more than 5 years now. When Lars came up with the idea of forming a travel collective we were enthusiastic and felt like we needed to join the team immediately.

As most of you guys I would really enjoy traveling for my entire live. Maybe it’s in my genes because my dad traveled a lot when he was as old as I am now. During an internship in New Zealand I learned many things about how traveling could be like. Before I started my internship, I visited all the places my guidebook told me to – and that was it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t keen on exploring the non-touristic parts of the countries. In New Zealand this changed. I got to know that getting in touch with the locals has many benefits. Including discovering their culture and personality, exploring the best spots of the country and eating apart from the fancy and touristic restaurants. That changed my role from being a guided tourist to an open-minded explorer. My next trip will be backpacking in ThailandBali in September, together with Pia .

I live in Mönchengladbach – where I was born. Mönchengladbach is located in the western part of Germany. As you may have noticed it is the same country where Lars was born. We went to the same school where we got to know each other. After school I started studying mechatronical-engineering in Germany. Soon I will be allowed to call myself an Engineer ;).

I am a sports enthusiast. To be more precise, I love all kinds of ball sports. In school I played for the BasketballHandball team. I decided to play Handball apart from school because I wasn’t tall enough for a Basketball career & needed the rough contact you get in Handball.

Besides from exploring the world I adore being close to nature, working out in & outside the gym, catching up with friends, supporting my home city’s soccer team Borussia Mönchengladbach as well as dancing and singing, when nobody is around.

I would love to take you on our adventurous journeys with us and really hope you enjoy our blog!