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Hey, I’m Freddy a 26 year-old travel fanatic who is currently studying “Globalization, Brands and Consumption” at the Lund University in Sweden. Like Lars , Marius and all of you visiting this website I have a huge passion for traveling, foreign countries and their cultures. So when Lars first told me about his idea I was delighted and wanted to be involved right away.

A little background: I was born in Hamburg (my favorite city in Germany) but moved to Düsseldorf, before my first birthday. Exploring the world is in my DNA as both my Mom & Dad also share this passion. I am fortunate to say that from the very start I have been able to see & experience many different places during family holidays. While traveling was mostly limited to family vacations in different parts of Europe during my Childhood, my passion for exploring the globe was taken to another level when I turned 16 & first went to the US for an exchange year in Kansas. I know Kansas does not sound like the most interesting place in the states, and yes it is the middle of nowhere – but I loved it.

I fell in love with the American way of life, their positive attitude towards life & yes, also the superficial “Hi, how you doing” from everyone, even the Wal-Mart employee whom I have never seen before. I was hooked by their enthusiasm for sports & the outdoors right away. Also, I was fortunate enough to experience playing football, basketball & running track for the high school team. In my spare time I went camping, hiking & fishing with friends.

After I spent one and a half years in the USA, I had to go back to Germany to finish my school education. After I was done with that, I studied “International Business and Management Studies” in the Netherlands, where I first met Lars. We became good friends and decided to study in Lund together. During my Bachelors, I went to Barcelona for a six-month internship, as well as to Bali for a semester abroad. Even though these were to completely different experiences I am very grateful to have actually lived in both these amazing places and to have become familiar with the culture.

Besides traveling and getting to know new people, countries & cultures, I am passionate about football, soccer, fitness, wakeboarding, snowboarding, scuba diving, parties, good music & summer.