Rooftop in Palma de Mallorca

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Welcome to our travel blog! Here we will keep you up to date on our future adventures, including personal stories, emotions and impressions.

My personal highlight will be a one-month backpacking trip to Thailand and Bali with my girlfriend Pia in September. Pia has already been to one little spot of Thailand, the beautiful island of Koh Samui – but for me, Asia is a completely new territory which I’m keen on exploring. As Pia is not satisfied with a two-week trip either, she is excited to learn more about the country and its culture.

We also planned some trips in the near future in order to shorten the waiting time until September:

In May we will, for a second time, visit Berlin, the capital of Germany. Another journey will take us to Krakow, the second largest Polish city – which is especially known for its cultural life and its young appearance caused by the heaps of students living there. One reason why Krakow is one of our travel destinations this year is the fact that Pia’s cousin Evelyne from Australia is coming to visit Europe in August. As she wants to see her family in Poland as well, we decided to meet in Krakow and combine our family meeting with exploring the “secret capital” of Poland. Besides, a Polish friend of us is living close to Krakow – the best way to explore a place is with a local! So you can look forward to reading some insider-knowledge.

Finally I’d love to take you to my favourite music festival: Mysteryland. It is an EDM festival in Amsterdam which I have been to four times already. Just can’t get enough!

Thank you for joining our adventurous journeys – we hope you enjoy reading our blog!

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Rooftop in Palma de Mallorca
Rooftop in Palma de Mallorca







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