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Serra de Tramuntana part 2

In the second part of our hiking trip in the mountain range Serra de Tramuntana we will inform you about the rest of our first hiking day + the early start of the second day. In this entry you will get to know among other things how sleeping in a dorm room with 34 other people is possible… To stay in the chronology of the adventure let us go back to the high route Camí de S’Arxiduc where we stopped last entry.

After we met the little bleating goat on the tree we followed the route to the next sign. At this part of the route you have to be very careful as next to the path there is a steeply dropping and vertiginous steep face. You don’t want to slip and fall here…

Looks dangerous right?


No worrys! Wasn’t that dangerous.

We followed the sign at the junction in the direction of Deià and went downhill on a rocky mountain track until we reached the Western end of the steep slope. From there our tour guide told us to hike (it was really hard – sometimes climbing would be a better description for what we had to do) downhill straight through huge stones and even rocks – they did their best to exacerbate our trip!

It was much harder than it looks like on this shot 😀

And if that was not bad enough we missed the exit to the serpentine track down to Deià. Hence, we hiked 30 minutes too far downhill – uphill it took us 45 minutes again. As we reached the end of the steep slope it slowly dawned to us that we went wrong. Our mistake was that we went too far in the middle of the stony area and didn’t hike close enough to the steep slope so that we couldn’t notice the exit marked with a lot of cairns.

Shot of a cairn

But we have to tell you that it was not 100% our mistake – some of the stones on the trail looked like cairns what made us think we were right there. VERY IMPORTANT FOR THIS PART OF THE ROUTE: IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN A CAIRN FOR A WHILE YOU ARE DEFINITELY ON THE WRONG TRACK. GO BACK TO THE LAST CAIRN YOU REMEMBER AND FROM THERE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT ONE.

Make sure that you are always following the cairns. Otherwise you may have the same extra fun as we had 😉 The moment we finally found the millions of cairns at the exit to Deià we were so thankful and happy! So we were back on the right track down a wooden and serpentine pathway to Deià.

Deià + steep sloop + forest we went through to get down to Deià

Our happiness lasted only for a short while as this serpentine track was really steep and never ending… Finally we reached the end of the forest but still had to hike downhill on a small road leading through the beginning of the village. Our feet couldn’t wait to arrive at the center of Deià!

Cute village of Deià

Once arrived, we were so hungry and obviously a bit discouraged because of our silly mistake and time loss when we missed the exit. We didn’t even make it to Deià in the estimated time mentioned in our tour guide what gave us a bad feeling. But hey, it was our first real hiking day ever! So we sat down on a cosy terrace in one of the restaurants of Deià’s pretty old town and relaxed while eating delicious food and drinking a fresh beer.

Actually our plan was to hike the next stage of the route from Deià to Port de Sóller now because both of the tracks weren’t long according to our tour guide. But as the first stage to Deià took us longer and we didn’t want to arrive at Port the Sóller at midnight, we decided to take the bus. Anyway, the track to Port de Sóller just would have been along the street so we wouldn’t have missed a really worth-hiking part of the route. Not fitting in the full bus we had to change plans again – so we hitchhiked to Port de Sóller with a really friendly old French couple who were spending their holidays on Mallorca to hike as well. Finally we were lucky! This was our first hitchhiking experience 😉

Shot of the beautiful village of Sóller
Historic train of Sóller (in operation since 1912)

Like Deià, Port de Sóller is a small and cute village, but a bit more touristy than the first one.

Marius + port of Sóller

Next to the beach in the center of the village you find the port with a lot of private boats. It’s a beautiful view as the bay of Port de Sóller is surrounded by a hilly landscape. Here you have a huge variety of restaurants and bars with this stunning view. In one of them we enjoyed a Paella which was good but not the best one we ever had. So don’t expect too much, here you pay for the view and the atmosphere as well…

The view we paid for 😉
Seafood Paella

Powered by the Paella we followed the uphill road leading our first Refugi located on a small hill from which you have an impressive view on the port from the opposite side than before. Especially worth taking out your camera during dusk and dawn 😉

Sóller during the twilight hours

Arriving at Refugi Muleta we were impressed by its size. From the outside it looked two times bigger than an ordinary Majorcan house. What we saw from the outside was reflected by the inside. Entering the Refugi you went into a big rustically furnished dining room with long wooden benches and tables with seats for more than 30 hikers. After we went upstairs we entered the huge dorm room with bunk beds for 36 people. Arriving late at the Refugi it was hard to find two available vacant close to each other. Unfortunately there were only two on top of the bunk beds which were about 1,70 meter high and didn’t have any railing which protected us from falling down 😀 Pia who sometimes moves a lot while sleeping was a bit scared of falling down after she fell asleep. Although it was still loud at the dining room as we tried to sleep we were played out enough to fell asleep quickly. Luckily neither Pia nor me woke up on the ground the next morning. We set the alarm to wake up early at 6 am because the tour guide told us that the next day would be the hardest and longest on our adventure. Our first hiking day was much longer than expected so we were curious how we will manage the next day… So stay tuned 😉

We promise next time we will introduce you to our donkey friend who joined us for a few meters!! 🙂

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