Ultimate Money Saving Backpacking Essentials – by Nikki

So the travel bug has bitten, but you’re really stretched for cash? Or perhaps you just want to make your money go the distance, all the way to that dreamy exotic destination?

Hey I’m Nikki, Lars’ friend and travel writer over at WorldFanFair. We met last Christmas at the very “hygge” City Backpackers Hostel in Stockholm, where the feature photo was taken just outside at midnight. And now here I am, ready to share with you my travelled and tested money saving backpacking tips. I hope you enjoy!

Before you even set off, it’s wise to consider where you are going and when. Your money will go a lot further in some destinations than others and you can also reduce the cost of your travels greatly by travelling either off peak or during the shoulder seasons.

In addition to where and when you’re going, there are some items that can eliminate or reduce your spending greatly when abroad. 

  1. If you’re going to be travelling by airplane, one of the best ways to save good money is to take Carry-on Luggage only. Many airlines, especially the budget ones, charge extra for tickets with checked luggage, so if you’re planning on taking a lot of flights, this can be a way to save bulk cash. Of course, this generally works better for travel in warmer weather when you’ll need less heavy clothing. 
  2. Not so glamorous, but essential, is your Microfiber Towel. If you’ll be staying in hostels, there’s often a charge for towels so depending on how long you’ll be away it may be worth investing in your own. Microfiber is the best because it dries super-fast, even in cold or damp conditions, so you can pack it up without all your things getting wet. 
  3. Another hostel essential is a Padlock for your security locker. It’s better to be smart than inconvenienced, so take a padlock to lock your things, especially valuables, away. If you don’t, you’ll often have to rent one from the reception at your hostel.
  4. Bottled water sucks for our environment and for your wallet so always handy when moving around is a refillable Water Canteen. Just remember to empty the contents before airport security. 
  5. Getting around is so much easier when you have access to the internet so make sure to get yourself a Universal Plug Adaptor. This is another common item people often end up renting from hostels, but it’s much more convenient and cheaper to have your own. Don’t fall into the trap of getting it at the airport or in a travel shop though, they can be found much cheaper from hardware type stores or your supermarket.
  6. You snagged the cheap flights, now keep it that way! Remember to print your Boarding Passes, or download the app for your airline before getting to the airport. Many budget airlines charge a hefty fee if you forget and have to print them at check-in.

Nikki Louise is the New Zealand born, London based, creator behind WorldFanFair, the online Travel Blog and YouTube channel.

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